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Graduate in Creative Computing. Teaching assistant in Computing department at Goldsmiths University, assisting students with C++, Javascript, Python and git version control. Data visualization, machine learning and creative projects. Interested in neural and cognitive bases of personality and mental disorders as well as computational modelling.




Suicide and social spending, is there a statistical relationship?

Simple RSA implementation in Python with standard libraries

Logistic regression implementation in numpy

Logistic regression implementation in Python using numpy.

Ai fairness review

An argument regarding equity in Machine learning and Ai.

K nearest neighbour implementation

K nearest neighbour implementation in Python using numpy. More ML notebooks here.

Multi modal interaction

Facial expression and movement tracking control images and sound.

General election 2019 sentiment and network analysis

Python (nltk) and gephi analysis of twitter data relating to the UK general election in 2019.

Spatial computer interaction, spefication and prototype

Psychedelic side scrolling game